2 thoughts on “My civil wars

  1. love the premise of the Trompe L’Oeil ie, the act of viewing cinema is just a ‘trick of the eye’, which is what is happening to us as :We watch and see the back of Mannon’s head looking from behind INTO the scene, he is the 3d part of the painting, then we cut to his face and he is looking AT the scene, what’s behind his head now? Looks like another 2d but blurred surface…then cut to the “realist” picture painting of a steam boat on the sea…a journey…going on a long trip from which you can never return…but that’s life itself…the Noir detective thing is Faux Pa, a ruse, anyhow, on ya.

    1. thanks for my first ever post. yeah, i am about to cut a new version of this, the rushes are plentiful. i just need to stop feeling so alone and your comment helps me to have a reason to be… doin stuff.

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